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Our 1.8T Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to install your 1.8T donor engine.  The history of your engine is not known to us. For this reason we include many new parts that may be in good working order on your engine already. It is very important to replace everything provided in our kit for many years of happy Vanagon driving. Our kit is designed for "Volks" with a fair amount of mechanical experience.  Our kit is designed to work with 2002 - 2006 VW 1.8T engine from a Jetta, Golf (GTI), Beetle Turbo-S or Audi TT with an AWP engine code.​​  Each kit comes with a comprehensive installation guide.  Contact us if you need help finding a donor 1.8T engine!​​


1.8T Turnkey Kit
  • Fuel Hoses

  • Fuel Vapor Hoses

  • Coolant Hoses

  • Coolant Flange

  • Thermostat

  • Coolant Expansion Tank and Hoses

  • Ignition Coils

  • Spark Plugs

  • N-80 Solenoid (Purge Control Valve)

  • N-75 Solenoid (Turbo Control)

  • Turbo Dump Valve

  • MAF Sensor

  • New Oxygen Sensors

  • Coolant Temp Sensor

  • Air Cleaner Housing with Filter

  • Complete Intake System

  • Inter-Cooler & Fan

  • Modified Turbo Outlet Pipe

  • Complete Exhaust System

  • Fuel Filter

  • Power Steering Reservoir & Hoses

  • PCV System Valve and Hoses

  • Drive By Wire Pedal Mounting Hardware

  • Timing Belt Center Cover

  • Raised Deck Lid Assembly

  • Deck Lid Seal

  • SAH Adapter Plate cut from 6061/T651 Aluminum

  • Flywheel

  • All Mounting Hardware for All Components

  • Hydraulic Engine Mounts

  • Heat Insulation

  • Dip Stick Tube

  • Plug & Play Engine Bay Wiring Harness

  • Serpentine Drive Belt & Tensioner

  • Oil Pressure Switch, Tach Adapter System (if needed)

  • Installation Manual


  • Cruise Control

  • A/C Hose System hose kit

  • Scan Gauge II

  • Boost Gauge kit

  • High Performance Clutch

  • ECU Chip Programming (CA off road use only)


Core Items

  • 1.8T Turbo Outlet Pressure Pipe. $250.

  • 1.8T Alternator Wiring Harness $30.

  • 1.8T High and Low side A/C Hoses (for optional A/C) $50.

  • Vanagon ECU computer box (Black ECU Housing for old ECU) $200.


We need core items from your donor vehicle and Vanagon to avoid core charges of $530 .  Charges will be refunded after core items have been returned . Core Charges only required on 1.8T Engine Conversion Kit.


Shipping & taxes not included.  Automatic transmission Vanagon, add $760.00. 

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