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H2oVanagon understands how important Vanagons are to their owners.  Our years of experience with Vanagons provides us insight into the unique needs they have, and helps us provide you with superior service that will help keep your Vanagon running smoothly for years to come.

Vanagons are no different than other vehicles when aging.  The rubber seals around the windows or engine hoses deteriorate over time whether from use or just sitting.  Lubricants will also breakdown and need to be changed periodically.


  • Coolant system Services. Very important service especially if your running the original Vanagon engine. It is commonly known that the original Vanagon engine had "cylinder head gasket" problems. Through the years we have come to realize that the real problem stemmed from lack of maintenance on the cooling system and the use of phosphate anti-freeze. The "Head Gasket" that caused this leak is technically called the Water Jacket Seal and not the head gasket itself. The Vanagon engine "head-gasket" is made up of two parts. The compression sealing rings and the water jacket coolant seal. Other common engine out there incorporate these into one gasket commonly called the Cylinder Head Gasket. The compression metal rings rarely fail. In fact we have seen Vanagons come into H2oVanagon running perfectly and have a massive coolant leak from the Water Jacket Seal.  We Highly recommend to do a coolant exchange every 2 years regardless of miles driven. By doing this procedure every two years you greatly reduce the risk of corrosion to your cylinder heads and expensive cylinder head gasket replacement cost.

  • Cylinder Head replacement. So you have put off the Coolant system Service for too many years. You probably have an engine coolant leak or will soon.  This problem comes from the erosion of your cylinder head itself where the Water Jacket Seal rests against the Cylinder Head.  By this time it's probably to late and your cylinder heads would need to be replaced. We use high quality new cylinder head made in Spain. The intake and exhaust valves originally installed in these new cylinder heads were replaced with higher quality German valves to assure many years and miles of trouble free driving.

  • Tune up for any engine. From your original Vanagon engine to any engine conversion you may have, H2oVanagon has the trained technicians that can perform any service or tune up on your engine. We have the sophisticated diagnostic equipment for any engine you bring to us in your Vanagon.

  • Drive train and Transaxle repairs. From an Automatic transmission to the Syncro system, we are your shop for maintenance or repair of your transmission or drive train. Vanagon's with an Automatic transmission are worked hard.  Especially if your equip with the Westfalia package. We highly recommend installing a different transmission cooler for a longer transmission life. Syncro:

  • Syncro drive shaft alignment. Vibrations can be felt with a miss-aligned drive line in your Syncro. We are able to use a laser to align your Syncro drive shaft. This is important during any transmission work or engine mounting adjustments.

  • Complete Suspension repair

  • Brake system maintenance. Your brakes work hard on your Vanagon. The original brakes are barely able to stop your Westfalia equip Vanagon.

  • Westfalia Refrigerator maintenance or repair

If you have a question about any of the services listed or don't see something listed that you need, just email or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you!


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