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Since 2006 Stephan's Auto Haus has been the pioneer in 1.8T engine conversions for VW Vanagons.  H2OVanagon was born out of a need to have a dedicated site that is able focus on the unique needs of Vanagons and showcase our engine conversion.  We have designed, tested, and proven to be reliable, powerful, and cost effective which no other conversions can match.

H2oVanagon's reputation rides on the reliability our engine conversion which is why we include a Rebuilt 1.8T engine and new turbo charger.  Here are some additional items that we replace during EVERY 1.8T Engine Conversion:​

  • Rebuilt Alternator (camper 120 amp) and Power Steering Pump **

  • New Water Pump **

  • New Metal designed Coolant Flanges (instead of original plastic)

  • New Crankcase Breather Hose made out of Silicone with new PCV valve (instead of original plastic)

  • New Silicone Engine Radiator hoses for most hoses

  • New Coolant and Heater hoses

  • New Fuel hoses

  • New Silicone Brake Booster hose

  • New Silicone custom Intake Tubes

  • New Intercooler & Intercooler Fan

  • ECU (engine control unit) **

  • Plug and play engine bay wiring harness with 15 Fuses to protect your investment

  • New Timing Belt Components with Water Pump **

  • New Drive Belt & Tensioner

  • New Ignition Coil Packs

  • New 2.5" Enhanced Exhaust System (Now standard!)

  • New Turbo **

  • N75 Turbo Boost Valve

  • New Turbo Dump Valve

  • N80 Fuel Vapor Solenoid & hoses

  • Air Filter Housing assembly

  • New Drive by Wire Throttle Pedal assembly

  • New AC compressor (AC optional)

  • New Hydraulic Engine Mounts for smooth operation

  • MAF sensor

  • Coolant Expansion tank & hoses

  • Turbo Outlet pressure pipe (Modified)

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • Flywheel & Adapter Plate

  • Raised Deck Lid assembly

** Not included with 1.8T DIY Kit

Fluids, environmental fees, shipping, taxes and credit card processing fee not included. Email or call us for details.

1.8T Kit

1.8T KIT

The 1.8T Kit contains all parts needed to install your engine.  Customer to supply the engine.  This kit has been offered since 2012 and is California friendly!


The history of your engine is not known to us. For this reason, we include many new parts that may be in good working order on your engine already. It is important to replace everything provided in our kit to ensure many years of happy Vanagon driving.


This 1.8T kit is designed for “Volks” with a fair amount of mechanical experience. Not for beginners.


All items included in our 1.8T are listed HERE.


Our kit is designed to work with 2002 - 2006 VW 1.8T engine from a Jetta, Golf (GTI), Beetle Turbo-S or Audi TT with an AWP engine code. Click HERE for more information about engine requirements.

There are a few items we will need from your donor vehicle and Vanagon to avoid core charges. Visit our Core Items and information section for more details.


Automatic Transmission prices are an additional $760.

Contact us if you need help finding a donor 1.8T engine.

Picture does reflect complete kit parts.


1.8T Turnkey Kit


New to the Vanagon market is our VW 1.8T Turnkey Kit!  The kit is complete with a rebuilt engine and all necessary parts needed for your installation.


This 1.8T Turnkey kit is just that, Turnkey. Connect fuel source, 12-volt power and it will run. Preferable in your Vanagon..


You can now install the same VW 1.8T engine conversion we have been specializing in since 2004. California friendly!


The 1.8T Turnkey Kit comes complete and has already been tested in our test jig to ensure everything is working to our specs.

Computer system, wiring, engine cooling & lubrication systems

 has already been tested. Ready to go! All included!


Great bolt in replacement for your worn-out original Wasserboxer Vanagon engine or those larger displacement original engines that are now using oil or making noises. Have a Subaru engine conversion? Come back to VW! The 1.8T produces a 180 hp. / 174 torque unmodified. Exceptionally reliable and tested!

Zero ground clearance loss on a Syncro!

Visit our New Items section for more details on included 1.8T Turnkey Kit items.


Our 1.8T Turnkey Kit comes with a 2 year or 24k mile warranty.


1.8T In House


The 1.8T In House conversion is a great option for customers that are unable to take advantage of our kit offerings.


We include all necessary components. Rebuilt Alternator (120 amps for camper), Power Steering Pump (if needed), A/C Compressor (if AC option is requested), Secondary Air Injection Pump, ECU (electronic control unit), Complete New Plug & Play Engine Bay Wiring Harness, ECU & Fuel Pump Relays, New Complete Enhanced Exhaust System, New Turbo, Drive-by-wire Throttle Pedal, Leak Detection Pump & Charcoal Canister, Timing Belt & Timing Belt Components including Water Pump, Serpentine Drive Belt, Ignition Coil Packs and Spark Plug, N75 & N80 Solenoids, Dump Valve, Breather Valve, PCV Valve, Fuel Hoses, Inter-Cooler & Cooler Fan, Complete Intercooler Piping from Turbo to Intercooler.

Basically, we supply everything needed for either 1.8T Turnkey or in house option.  Drive in and drive out with your renewed Vanagon.


Our 1.8T in house engine conversion comes with a 2 year or 24k mile warranty.


Automatic Transmission prices are an additional $760.


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