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Over the years of performing conversions we discovered that other areas of the Vanagon could be upgraded to provide even more performance and comfort.  We are able to add these components or features to any of our 1.8T Conversions and kits. 

Various 1.8T Option Images
Cruise Control

Very accurate system that is controlled by the ECU via a Vehicle Speed Sensor and the Drive-by-wire throttle system. Automatic Vanagons will use a different stand alone system, $760 installed. (Vanagons with Factory Equipped Cruise Control is $100 less for manual transmission or $50 less for Automatic).

Various 1.8T Option Images
ScanGauge II

​Linear Logic's ScanGauge II connects to the Vanagon's OBDII port and automatically negotiates communications with the ECU displaying average or instant fuel mileage, accurate coolant temp etc. (installed and calibrated)

Various 1.8T Option Images
2.5" Enhanced Stainless Steel Exhaust System

​This exhaust system increases power and torque! Complete Stainless Steel Mandrel bent exhaust system with Magflow Muffler & New Catalytic Converter. No charge. Now included!

Various 1.8T Option Images
Air Conditioning

​Modern Compressor ready for environmentally friendly 134A Freon. We add a New Receiver Dryer, flush out your system and adapt the original Vanagons existing hoses. (Factory Equipped Only - Kit price $285)

Various 1.8T Option Images
High Performance Clutch

​With this heavier duty spring pressure plate the clutch has better grip to help with the extra power. It will also last longer too. Recommended for the Syncro Vanagon.

Various 1.8T Option Images
Turbo Boost Gauge

​Displays how much turbo pressure is being forced into the engine. Forced Induction.

Various 1.8T Option Images
Raised Deck Lid Mattress

​We offer a mattress pad to keep you bed level with our raised deck lid system. This option is very easy to use. Fold your bed down and flip the extra section over and your ready to hit the sack! Available for different interior colors or custom. ​ ​

Various 1.8T Option Images
Rebuilt Transmissions
$2,450 - 3,450

​Changing the 4th gear to a higher gear is like having an overdrive. With the extra power now this gear change works very well. This is not required with this 1.8T conversion, as your Vanagon transmission will handle the extra power of your new 1.8T engine and the 1.8T's red line is 6500. If your transmission has never been rebuilt, and you have high miles, it would be a good idea to have it rebuilt at the time of an engine replacement. This goes for any engine replacement regardless of power increase, or in general. Each additional gear change is $825.00 | Syncro rebuild starts at $3,450.00 | 2WD Rebuilt Transmission starts at $2,450.00. Does not include worn or broken hard parts that are not reusable.

Various 1.8T Option Images
Anti-Theft System

​When activated your ECU will not allow anyone to start the engine by cutting Fuel Injector Pulse and also Ignition (spark) even if “hot-wired”. Engine will not start. By inputting a private code through your cruise control switch you can deactivate the system quickly and be on your way. (Cruise Control & Performance ECU Chip is Required)

Various 1.8T Option Images
Performance ECU Chip

​Increase power from original 180hp / 174 ft-lb torque to 209 hp / 242 ft-lb of torque. The 2.5″ SS Exhaust system further increases output to approximately 240 hp / 250 ft-lb of torque. Dyno tested. (NOT California compliant / Cruise Control Required if request to switch off or on)

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